01 November 2023
Image de bannière pour l'article "Des occasions de réflexion et de dialogue" à l'occasion du solstice d'hiver, symbolisant l'importance du dialogue et de la réflexion pendant cette période significative.

Every year, the winter solstice offers an opportunity to take a well-deserved break, to look within ourselves and reflect. Like a bear hibernating in its den, we can use this time for introspection and reflection. 

A First Revolution for the Ashukan Institute

For the team at the Ashukan Institute, the winter solstice also marks the end of a cycle as we celebrate the conclusion of our first year in business. Looking back, it is clear that the last few months have been rich in opportunities for dialogue and bridge-building regarding Indigenous issues and current events.  

What events this year made you think or want to know more about the realities of First Peoples?  

Here are our top 5 topics and events that created opportunities for dialogue:  [IE2] 

Please share your thoughts with us!

So, what got you talking about Indigenous issues this year? Please share your thoughts with us by commenting on this article!

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