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Training on awareness of Indigenous realities

ASHUKAN offers professional training on numerous topics related to the First Peoples living in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes. The approach aims to differently grasp historical, political, and social issues in order to better understand Indigenous perspectives.

Icône - Formations autochtones, flexibilité et accessibilité

Flexibility et accessibility

Accessible at all times, our virtual platform allows you to follow the training at your own pace and from wherever you wish

Icône - Formations autochtones, certification reconnue


High-quality training designed by First Nations members and recognized by numerous professional organizations and educational institutions

Icône - Formations autochtones, contenu sur mesure


Opportunity to create customized training to meet the specific needs of your organization

Our training courses

Lectures on Indigenous culture and issues

Icône - Conférences autochtones, présentiel ou virtuel


Our lectures are offered in person upon request, as well as virtually throughout the year (check our calendar)

Icône - Conférences autochtones, contenu sur mesure


Opportunity to create customized workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization

Icône - Conférences autochtones, expertise et authenticité


High-quality lectures offered by First Nations members

Our lectures

Strategy and direction for collaboration with the First Nations

The strategic support service of the Ashukan Institute offers a personalized and expert approach in terms of collaboration with the First Nations. We aim to guide and advise organizations, companies, and individuals looking to establish respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities. Our expertise in strategy and direction allows for effective navigation through the various issues, cultures, and structures of Indigenous peoples, promoting harmonious and enriching collaboration. Whether for partnership projects, development, or reconciliation, we guide you step by step to ensure the success and sustainability of your initiatives towards the First Nations.

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