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01 November 2023
Image de bannière illustrant l'article "Quelle réconciliation avec les peuples autochtones au Canada?", symbolisant la quête de réconciliation et d'harmonie entre les peuples autochtones et non autochtones au Canada.


With the momentum building nationally and internationally for reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, more and more organizations are taking an interest in Indigenous issues. They are seeking to identify concrete initiatives for their leaders and employees.

Several significant challenges in implementing this reconciliation include building new bridges between nations and viewing these processes as development opportunities throughout communities.


ASHUKAN offers professional training on a wide range of topics related to the First Peoples living in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Our approach aims to provide a different perspective on historical, political, and social issues to better understand Indigenous viewpoints.

Reconciling with First Peoples questions the notion of reconciliation by exploring the depth of the historical and socio-political issues at stake.

The objective is to better grasp the obstacles that must be overcome if reconciliation is to be effective and to identify the individual and collective actions that will enable progress to be made on the road to reconciliation.

The course examines the elements of recognizing systemic racism and how it can be tackled. It highlights some of the systemic obstacles faced by Indigenous Peoples in Canada. It presents current legislation and actions by the State and Indigenous organizations to overcome racism and discrimination against Indigenous Peoples.


Alexandre Bacon is Innu from Mashteuiatsh (Western NITASSINAN). Bacon holds a master's degree in public administration dedicated to First Nations self-governance. He is a consultant on Indigenous issues, an educator and a facilitator for conferences bringing together First Nations and provincial and federal organizations. He is also the co-founder of the First Peoples Innovation Centre (FNIC) and vice-president of Terre Innue Inc. He sits on many boards: Member of the Board of Directors of Wapikoni, founder and member of the Board of Directors of Cercle Kisis, member of the selection jury for the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (Droit et Liberté Award 2017). He specializes in reconciliation, governance, and concertation.

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