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01 November 2023
Image de bannière illustrant l'article "Natives On Film - Des Autochtones en cinéma", mettant en lumière la représentation et la contribution des peuples autochtones dans l'industrie cinématographique.


We reinvent the round-table format with Natives on Film - Les Autochtones au cinéma; a series of short video clips in the form of one-on-one interviews moderated and curated by Jess Murwin. In one conversation, an entire future generation of filmmakers finds inspiration. The aim is to shine a light on Indigenous perspectives in the industry. There are many issues to discuss in this specific context: funding, independent production or art and cinema; the options are endless!

Alexandre Bacon - Vice-President, Treasurer and Executive Producer Terre Innue

Alexandre Bacon is Innu from Mashteuiatsh. Throughout his life, he has been active in many fields. He has worked for the full inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in academic circles and contributed to the development of self-government among First Nations. He is the founder of the Cercle Kisis, dedicated to promoting Indigenous cultures and bringing people closer together. Always involved in community circles, he sits on the boards of several ***NPOs serving First Nations and Inuit. A well-known communicator, he regularly gives training courses and lectures on the social, historical and cultural realities of Indigenous Peoples.

Independent and Community-based Productions in Quebec

In 2019, Alexandre co-wrote the documentary series Laissez-nous raconter (Radio-Canada, currently in production), in which the 11 First Peoples of Quebec and Labrador tell us, in their own words and from their own perspective, about their visions of the world, their values and lifestyles, their spirituality, their myths and stories, their wounds and their hopes. He is currently writing his first feature film. Alexandre has been a board member of Terre Innue and Productions Innu Assi since October 2019, and is the executive producer of the feature-length documentary Je m'appelle humain (2020), and has several projects in development within the company.

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